Selection criteria

Impacto Capital aims to support investment and financing of high-potential projects and businesses committed with economic, social and environmental development. We look for business ventures that combine the following:

  • Economic and financial viability with attractive returns and high growth potential.
  • Innovative and inclusive business model or technology with a differentiated value proposition.
  • Tested business model or technology ready for replication or scaling-up.
  • Significant and measurable impact on economic, social or environmental development.
  • Fully committed and competent management team.


Areas of impact

We look for businesses with the potential for significant positive impact in the following areas.

  • Economic and social impact: Job creation, training and capacitation, income generation, access to finance, access to energy, education, inclusiveness, active ageing, healthcare and healthy lifestyles, cultural promotion and preservation.
  • Environmental conservation: Sustainable natural resource management, preservation, wildlife conservation, reducing human-wildlife conflict, clean and renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management and treatment.


Impact assessment

Financial performance is monitored using investment best practices. Social and environmental development impact is assessed and reported using recognised universal impact investment standards such as IRIS and GIRS by GIIN.


Our value added

Impacto Capital’s smart capital supports business ventures with its extensive expertise in investment management, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, financial structuring, corporate, project and Grant finance, strategic, commercial and financial advisory.

Impacto Capital differentiates through its local presence and the capacity to identify high-potential opportunities on the ground. We aim to support the development of businesses into investible and bankable investment opportunities. And, thus, successfully attracting the capital needed for growing and expanding impact businesses.

Impacto Capital also facilitates access to a local and international network of investors and financiers that value mission-driven investments.


Other areas of business

Impacto Capital is also providing services in entrepreneurship, capacity building, feasibility and investment studies, strategic plans and other services related with development, international cooperation and private initiative.


PME FIN – SME access to finance serviceslogo

Impacto Capital offers a dedicated access to finance service to SMEs for the preparation of business plans and the facilitation of contact with financiers (banks or others).

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